My Top 5 Favourite YouTubers of All Time


I have always been a sucker for entertainment on YouTube.  Especially when concerning fashion, beauty and books.  I like seeing that there are people out there who enjoy similar things as me.  It is amazing how YouTube has become this huge platform for people to share content and make money off it.  I have always […]

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Valentines Day Outfit Ideas: Little Black Dress Edition


Valentines day is right around the corner, so I decided to compile a quick set of some dress ideas. I don’t know about you but, a little black dress with some heels are always a good idea.  Whether it’s a dinner date, movie or simply drinks. Here are some LBD ideas.

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Café Diaries #1: Idle Hands


One of my favourite things to do is be a tourist in my own city, Manchester.  One of the best things about Manchester is the variety of cafés there are to seek out.  At the top of my list at the moment is Idle Hands.  An amazing independent coffee shop located in the Northern Quarter, […]

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Spinach Based Smoothie and Some Grapes and Berries


One of the main changes I have made to my diet this year is attempting to have 2 smoothies a day in place of breakfast and dinner. If not smoothies, fruit or vegetable based meals.  Recipe You Will Need: Spinach 1 Banana 1 Pear Blueberries Ginger Water (milk or cold green tea is fine too) […]

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8 Reasons Not to Commute to University


So I’m currently freezing at the train station waiting for the train home from university. I’m waiting an hour later than usual because I just missed the train by a second. Since I have more time I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog post about the drawbacks of commuting. Disclaimer:I […]

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Tuna + Cucumber on Toast with Spinach and Coleslaw


It is rare that there are carbs to be found in my kitchen, but there were two pieces left, so I decided to whip something up.  I wanted to make sure that my meal would be healthy as well as tasty.  So I made tuna on toast with cucumber on top with some spinach and […]

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Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder Review


The Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder is great for touching up your face throughout the day if you are already wearing liquid foundation.  It sets and matches with foundation put on prior to the Sheer Finish Pressed Foundation Powder and is great for all skin types.  Furthermore, this powder has a distinct and unique […]

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10 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


It is amazing how time flies and how short February is as a month.  Valentine’s day is only 12 days away now and it is always nice to have a little something planned.  A day like this can be tricky, whether you are in a relationship or going on a first date.  Both sides want […]

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 Review


I have recently started to get back into make-up as an attempt to incorporate into my everyday life and this is one of the first products I bought: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation.  The colour is Espresso 10.  It is £32.50 and it is for normal to oily skin types.  On the other hand I […]

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The Evolution of Fashion Dissemination, A Theory


For the past 11-12 years I have been deeply interested in fashion and I still am but I cannot say I have always been happy with what has become of it over those years and it is because of technology and social media.  Nevertheless, I accept it and I am learning to love the many […]

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